Empowering creation, MetroCity3D takes your wildest ideas from mere abstraction to solid reality with top-notch 3D printing. Remember, with us, your imagination carves the boundaries.


Unlock customization like never before with MetroCity3D. Our 3D printing brings your unique visions to life, meticulously tailored.

Your dream, our blueprint.


With MetroCity3D, savings come easy. Our 3D printing is a testament to efficiency, slashing time and costs while minimizing waste. Welcome to a revolution in savings.

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About Us

MetroCity3D is a Detroit-based 3D printing service committed to customer satisfaction and revolutionizing the industry. We believe in fostering a family atmosphere, treating each client’s vision with respect and care. Our roots are in the innovation-driven heart of Detroit, and we aim to reflect that ethos by pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology.


We are driven by a mission to make 3D printing faster, more efficient, and flexible, replacing traditional manufacturing methods. Our primary focus is always you, our customer. With every order, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life and ensuring a delightful experience.

Join us at MetroCity3D. Be part of the 3D printing revolution.

Not a Design Expert?

No worries at all. At MetroCity3D, we have a dedicated team of trained CAD designers ready to assist you in bringing your vision to life. Whether you have a vague idea or a detailed plan, our designers will work closely with you at every step to perfect your design. We aim to make the process not just affordable, but also enjoyable and rewarding.

With MetroCity3D, you can realize your vision at an industry-low cost, without compromising on quality or precision.

Your dream, our mission – let’s design the future together.

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Our Ordering Process

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From Our Customers

As an architect, I often struggle to present tangible models of my designs. MetroCity3D has been a game-changer. Their precise 3D printing services transformed my architectural plans into intricate, touchable models that wowed my clients. Truly, they breathe life into ideas.
Jason Bennett
I need precision and uniqueness in my pieces. MetroCity3D has consistently provided services that exceed my expectations. They have helped me bring to life designs that were just sketches on paper, making them a valuable partner in my creative journey.
Melanie Fischer
Jewelry Designer
When I approached MetroCity3D with my idea for a custom piece of art, I wasn’t sure if it was possible. Their team not only embraced the challenge but delivered a beautifully crafted product that was exactly as I had imagined. They’re pioneers in true customization.
Jacob Sullivan
Interior Designer
Working with MetroCity3D is like stepping into the future. Their advanced 3D printing services have allowed my company to prototype faster, innovate better, and streamline our production. They’re not just a service, they’re a strategic partner in our business growth.
Amanda Kirby
Design Engineer
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