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Custom 3D printing service in Metro Detroit

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Welcome to MetroCity3D – the hub of innovation and precision in 3D printing, nestled in the heart of Detroit. Our mission is simple: to bridge the gap between your imagination and reality. Whether you come to us with a detailed blueprint or just a budding idea, our team of skilled CAD designers is committed to bringing your vision to life. By combining the spirit of Detroit’s rich heritage of innovation with cutting-edge technology, we ensure that every project reflects the perfect blend of craftsmanship and modernity.


We understand that every creation has a story, and at MetroCity3D, we want to be a part of yours. While our technology and methods are state-of-the-art, our core ethos is rooted in building genuine relationships, treating every client as a valued member of our community. It’s not just about prints and patterns; it’s about dreams and aspirations.


Join the MetroCity3D family. Let’s co-create, innovate, and redefine the future of 3D printing together.


Take your wildest ideas from mere abstraction to solid reality with top-notch 3D printing


Our 3D printing brings your unique visions to life, meticulously tailored. Your dream, our blueprint.


Our 3D printing is a testament to efficiency, slashing time and costs while minimizing waste. Welcome to a revolution in savings.

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